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  • FE - Video Niche Domination Training, Case Study & Software: $27 - $47
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  • Upsell 2 - Done For You Videos w/ Training $47

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What is Video Niche Domination?

Video Niche Domination is a simple, newbie friendly method to rank videos fast and get targeted traffic so you can make sales, build an email list and/or grow your YouTube channel. Inside, your subscribers will get everything they need to get started right away. It is a comprehensive step-by-step training for 2017 and beyond.

It will be sold on JVZoo and will include 50% commissions on the entire funnel and will also include recurring commissions.

Proven Methods for Long Term Results:

You can expect high EPC’s, excellent conversions, and massive value for your subscriber base.



  • We Launch on Wednesday, 21st of June @ 10am EST (7AM PST)
  • 7:00AM PST
  • 10:00AM EST

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Make 50% Commissions and Recurring With Our High Converting Sales Funnel!


Check Out Our High Converting Funnel...

Our Product does exactly what is says on the tin. The whole program is geared to allow people to get guaranteed results! The front end price reflects quality and jam packed content to allow video marketers of any level to learn and profit from our training! Check out the sales page HERE. Our funnel starts with the initial sale and launch price at $27 as an Early Bird Special which will rise to $37 and then after the launch special it will be sold at $47. The sales funnel includes OTO 1 which is our VND Pro software that will instantly generate 170+ links which include video embed sites and YouTube variations. From there you can index them inside the software or export and build Tier 2 backlinks. OTO1 also includes the Secret List of resources to use for ranking videos for more competitive keywords. OTO 2 is a Done-For-You video pack of 8 videos your subscribers can use to immediately start promoting to get fast results:

  • Upsell 1 - VND Software, Secret List & Private FB Group $47/mo or $67/bi-annual
  • Upsell 2 - Done For You Videos $47
  • Includes 50% Commissions + Recurring From Our Profit Maximizing Funnel

As well as our super profitable flow, you are also cookie'd right through the members' area where we offer the same incentives at strategic points to maximize sales. If that is not enough, we also add each option to our auto responder series.

We are here to provide massive value to your subscribers AND maximize your profits!


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Promotion Instructions for Massive Commissions

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Click HERE to get your affiliate link from JVZoo for Video Niche Domination, alternatively use the buttons above and below. All our upsells and downsells will be automatically approved across the whole flow. You can make 50% commissions accross the entire funnel.

Here are some ways you can easily promote using the tools provided so you can crush it from all your promotions.

  • Broadcast the emails (below) to Your Subscribers via your Aweber, or email service
  • Place your signature link on the bottom of your email and smart phone email
  • Create a YouTube review with your affiliate link
  • Share your affiliate link via Facebook or Twitter with a short message

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  • Subjects:
  • Dominate Your Niche
  • The Future of Video SEO (Not what you think)



YouTube marketing is great. Almost no cost to start and no need for copywriters or expensive designers.


Getting meaningful results is another story.


June 21st @10AM EST, that changes.


Video Niche Domination is a new system coming out. The best parts about it are:


  • 100% white hat
  • Nothing technical
  • Proven results


On YouTube, your prospects are looking for you and what you offer.


If they find your videos, the get engaged and if you provide a solution ( your own or an affiliate offer) then they click and buy.


You just need to know a few secrets (such as how to really rank).


And as my trusted subscriber, it’s my duty to share this method with you. I’m loving it because it’s simple and it works.


Watch out for my email tomorrow.


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Possible Subjects:

  • Page one rankings made easy
  • Own Google in minutes
  • Rank page one without creating a video
  • Clever Trick Guarantees Page one rankings


For the first time ever, there is a strategic way to know what videos will rank on page one, even without having to create one.

And it’s super easy in a ‘why didn’t I think of that’ way.

So, if you want to finally ensure you can get page one rankings 100% white hat, then Video Niche Domination is for you.

Paul and Adam are two YouTube experts and if you follow their training you can rank:

– WITHOUT having to create a video

– WITHOUT having to pay for links

And it’ all super easy.

>>Check it out here

  • Discover how to guarantee page one rankings every time.
  • Be able to generate an army of keyword rankings for multiple traffic streams.
  • Discover our ultimate video optimization process
  • Get access to our push-button software that will automatically embed your videos on 50+ sites in one click
  • Learn how to sell this process as a service again and again

You owe it to yourself to look at this.

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P.S. Do you want to strategically guarantee to rank on page one at will by making the right choices before you even make your video?

Then click here now to learn more


  • How to Profit BIG with CPA and Video..
  • Increase Your Affiliate  Commissions With Video



Video is hot right now and people are consuming content at an amazing rate.

For smart people like us, there’s a golden opportunity to make big bucks.

My friends Paul and Adam have the midas touch when it comes to publishing and ranking YouTube videos that target affiliate buyer keywords

They have a technique that allows you to know exactly what will rank from the offset and

How to use it for CPA and affiliate marketing.

By following this new method they have called Video Niche Domination, you can get your

affiliate/CPA videos right in front of your prospects.

They also have a great software that will mean you’ll never need to go to Fiverr..etc again.


You need to hurry though. The course is not sticking around at this price forever.


Click Here to join Video Niche Domination


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  • More red hot eyeballs on your store?
  • FB ads alternative
  • More sales guaranteed




We all know that FB ads rock for E-com.


But if you are relying SOLELY on them, you are asking for trouble.


FB Ads are interruption marketing at it’s finest. But there is an even better way.


The same method Dollar Shave Club used to build their e-com empire.


YouTube. And check this out:


On YouTube people come actively looking for solutions to their problems.


What if they typed in a question and your content was right there?


Think you may get a boost in sales? Of course you will.


YouTube is an E-commerce Goldmine. And today Video Niche Domination has been released by two of the best video guys I know.


They have a full training and software package at silly money right now.

>>Check it out here.


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  • Time is running out
  • XX Hours Left… (Final Call)


In just a few hours the doors to our Video Niche Domination Training and software

will close.


Thousands of marketers will unfortunately be locked out–only because they didn’t take advantage of this incredible offer in time.


Just  a few bucks  separates you from the YouTube marketing strategies that could change your business forever.


Try these YouTube strategies for yourself.




To your success,

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Minimum prizes are based around TOTAL sales volume.


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