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Discover How to Turbo Charge the Speed of Your Rankings with Video Niche Domination PRO

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Before you start, we would like to offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity to access 4 Resources we have we have put together exclusively for Video Niche Domination members that will TRIPLE your rankings and profits!

Resource 1 - Video Niche Dominator Pro version

Advanced Embeds and Variations:

While you already have 55 embeds, how would you like to get the pro version of the Video Niche Domination software and get an extra 56 embed links. 

So that makes 111 embeds that you can sell as a service if you wanted, or just do it for yourself.

You’ll also have the ability to create 48 variations of your YouTube URL that you can ping and index to get more exposure and juice back to your videos.

  • 111 Total Video Embed Links
  • 48 YouTube Variations Added
  • 159 Total Links
  • Ability to Customize Software to Add/Remove Links
  • Ability to Generate UNLIMITED Links To Your Videos

In short, the software just tripled in power!

Resource 2 - The Secret List

This has been one of my most closely guarded secret resources that until now, only a select few of my best students have had access to.

Inside, you will get access to a ton of people that I personally work with for various aspects of video ranking.

Forget having to spend ages sifting through Konker, Fiverr and SEO Clerks only to choose someone and cross your fingers.

With The Secret List you’ll discover the select handful of people who specialise in certain aspects of Video SEO and who, actually make a difference.

These are are top 5% that few know about.

Just make me a promise that you will not share this with anyone else. I mean, why give others a competitive advantage as you grabbed this, not them.

Resource 3 - Facebook Support Group

You will have questions that need personalized answers. Not only are you going to get access to Adam and I, you will also be able to ask, help and support each other.

Some of my best partnerships have come through networking and a Facebook group community allows you to have unparalleled support wherever you are in the world.

Resource 4 - Access to Advanced Indexing Integration

It’s no secret that building links, embeds and more will get you ranked on Google. But You need to get these links index to see REAL results.

You can't just build links and stop there...

Google Needs To Decide If Your Links Are Valuable Or Not. This is Done By Ensuring Your Backlinks Get Indexed.

Indexing means building links to your links. Do this, then Google can crawl them meaning that they get indexed and have more authority in the eyes of the big G.

This can mean the difference between top of page 1 or language on page 2. Without indexing your links will not help you rank so this is not something you can pass up on.

Luckily for you, we have a special deal on this page that will allow you access to the best indexing service on the planet for pennies.

So grab these limited time offers while the price is so low.

For Today Only you can pick up ALL 4 of These Amazing Resources:

  • 111 Video Embeds + 48 URL variations (Value $297)
  • The Secret List & Training (Value $197)
  • Private Facebook Support Group (Value $97)
  • Indexing Software Integration for Push-Button Indexing (Value $97)

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VND Pro (oto-m)
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